M1 Steel Combat Helmet: A Brief History and Visual Reference Report, 1941-1989

"…you are to be congratulated on a job well done" – KS, USMC AGM


The M1 Helmet, 1941-1945: A Short History

"I am pleased to see that this information is now readily available to collectors and historians. Hopefully your efforts will reduce the ‘gun show wisdom’ that usually fills the areas where factual information is lacking" – RF, USMA

"You are to be congratulated on your sense of history and taking the initiative to write this book" – NG, USA MHI

"All you wanted to know about the American M1 helmet is covered in the pages of this paperback. 44 pages of the development and production and other information on this helmet which is one of the most well known WWII types. Mark Reynosa has placed a great deal of effort in producing this work and I feel that he has covered most questions. A good reference book." – MILITARIA, No. 12, US Edition, February 1995

"This 44 page paperback covers the World War II M1 helmet, including its development, manufacture and variations of both the helmet and its liner. Obviously a great deal of effort was involved in the research and publication which features original Advance Development drawings and plates.'s a good deal"" – the AAMUC FOOTLOCKER, Volume XIX, No. 1, 1 March 1995


The M-1 Helmet: A History of the M-1 Helmet in World War II

"It was very interesting and informative and I enjoyed reading it. It is a pleasure to say that your book added to my knowledge of M-1 helmets" – RF, USMA

"Without question, your publication is a welcome addition to our collection and certainly will enhance our ability to better serve the military history community" – NG, USA MHI

"I…purchased the hard bound book. I was very happy I did as you have compiled a wealth of information that is unmatched on this subject. As a wearer of the M-1, and now its replacement, it is nice to know all the research that went into its design and manufacture. Thanks again for a most informative book" - RL

"I am writing in regard to your excellent book on the M-1 helmet. Your book indicates outstanding research and provides a wealth of information" - JH

"This is an expanded version of the smaller publication put out by Reynosa some years ago. It covers just about everything you might want to know about the manufacture and development of the M-1 helmet. His use of original specifications and manufacturers information answers a number of questions collectors have had on when certain changes in construction were made. The main emphasis is on production models, and this means that information on some of the field expedient changes and experimental helmets is lacking. The section on painted helmets covers only a small sample of the many varieties found during the war (that would be another book by itself). A few questions remain to be answered on the subject, but if you have more than just a general interest in helmets you simply must own this book. Collectors will find it invaluable to identify helmets and helmet parts. Veterans will find it astounding that we care about such minor details." – The G.I. Journal, Volume 1 Number 4, Winter 1996


U.S. Combat Helmets of the 20th Century: Mass Production 

"FANTASTIC! I am blown away. This is the book. It was real interesting watching/reading your love for helmets over the years. I own 2 of your earlier paperbacks, and now I see the culmination of a search for answers. It’s beautiful too. Most Schiffer books are" - CS

"I congratulate you! It’s very well produced, well illustrated and very informative – I certainly learned a few things I was unaware of beforehand, particularly with regard to the post-war helmet variants. In fact, the new book together with the previous one, must now be the definitive works of reference on US Combat Helmets and an invaluable aid to any collector of US helmets and related militaria" - IP

"...its a fine piece of work. The photography was very good, and provides a very useful reference, all in all its an excellent book and especially valuable for dating and classification purposes" - RL

Post-World War II M-1 Helmets and The PASGT Helmet

"These two volumes complete the history of USA infantry helmets begun by Mark Reynosa with his 1996 work The M-1 Helmet A History of the U.S. M-1 Helmet in World War II and fills out the details of his 1998 overview U.S. Combat Helmets of the 20th Century.

USA helmets are sadly neglected field among Canadian collectors despite the fact the virtually every version has seen service with the Canadian Armed Forces. Moreover, as the M-1 history clearly indicates, the last 1.8 million M-1 steel bodies were produced, between 1970 and 1977, by a Quebec based firm R.J. Stampings. These two books provided and invaluable guide to both the researcher and the collector by providing a developmental history for these helmets and an examination of each and every documented variant, including changes to the furniture, paint and camouflage covers. Of added interest, is the information provided on the actual industrial processes involved in the manufacture of the helmets and the histories of the companies involved. As usual every statement is documented and based on archival information or communication with those involved in the manufacture.

Of particular merit, and value to collectors are the appendices in both books which list the date, quantity and value of all know contracts let for the helmets and their furniture and accessories. These provide an unsurpassed recognition guide, particularity as Reynosa demonstrates the mold marks impressed of the tops of the helmets indicate only when by whom and when the mold was made, not necessarily the actual helmet manufacture. The full history of any one helmet can be deduced by comparing the contract numbers with Reynosa's tables.

One minor complaint as with the preceding volumes, the quality of the photos while generally good, do not accurately reproduce the exact color shade used. That said, in these two books Reynosa provides and unsurpassed historical overview to the development, production, and "product improvement" of two key helmets of the second part of the 20th Century."
- Military Artifact, No.4 Mk.II, Spring 2000

Mark A. Reynosa
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